I’m a morning person.  Hands-down, no question, inarguably a morning person.  There’s only one problem.   I am a morning person once my feet hit the floor.  That is a critical point … once my feet hit the floor.  Because between the first time the alarm rings and the time my feet actually make their way to the floor there is a gap.  In that gap, I must make a choice.

Every morning, I must choose between two options.  One is the best one.  The other?  It’s the easy one.

It’s easy for me to stay in bed.  It’s still dark; the bed is as warm as it is comfortable.  To top off the warmth and comfort, I can, oh so incredibly easily, fall back to sleep; I’m surely not laying there awake.  Warm, comfortable, cozy and sleeping.  Yes, that’s easy; very, very easy.

Then there’s the best choice.  For me, getting up early is the best choice.  I enjoy my quiet morning time for many reasons and find tremendous value in it.  It is truly the better choice for me.  But in the gap between alarm and feet on the floor, it’s not always the easy choice.  In fact, it is rarely the easy choice.

This reminds me of how often the choices we make in life are between the best option and the easy option.

Consider these examples:

Confidence is best …. low self-esteem is easy
Faith is best …. doubt is easy
Healthy nutrition is best … junk food habits are easy
Being productive is best … procrastination is easy
Calm state of mind is best … stress is easy

We may not like some of the things on the “easy” side.  We don’t like low self-esteem, doubt, procrastination; we don’t like unhealthy nutrition and stress.  But think about how much easier they are to maintain than achieving what’s on the “best” side.

What is a change you want to make in your life?  Are you routinely making the best choice?  Or are you letting yourself make the easy choice?

I follow those questions with this one:

“Is your inner chatter perpetuating the easy choice?”

For example, do you have thoughts such as “oh, it doesn’t matter;”  “this one time won’t hurt;” or “It’s OK, you deserve to …”?
Sometimes inner chatter is mean-spirited and fuels thoughts that berate and belittle, e.g., “you’ll never be able to …..”.  Other times, inner chatter is seemingly nice and kind, e.g., “It’s OK, treat yourself.”  (Take special note of the word”seemingly.”)

Either way, that kind of inner chatter is keeping you stuck; it is holding you back from making progress.

In order to change the results you are getting, you must change the messages of your self-talk.

Satisfaction and fulfillment will only come when you are willing to make the best choice even though it’s not the easy choice.

As for my mornings?  They are a work in progress and I have indeed made progress.  I also have more to make.  So, every morning I make a choice with an ever-present awareness there is the easy way and a best way.

Without fail, my best days are the ones I start by making the best choice.

Fueling Your Inner Fire with ACTION:

Identify something in your life that you would like to change and you recognize there is an easy choice and a best choice.
When it’s time to make your decision, think forward to how you will feel if you make the easy choice.  Follow this by thinking about how you’ll feel if you make the best choice.
Ask yourself, “Which one do I want to feel at the end of this day?”
Yes there may be some temporary discomfort in making the best choice.  But it’s only until your feet hit the floor.

There’s an easy route and there’s a best route.  Life satisfaction comes in a willingness to choose the best even when it’s not easy.