About Inner Fire

frustrated-needing-confidence-inner-fireDo you want to…

Develop new habits that bring more satisfying results in life and business?

Find more time for yourself and the people and activities in life that are important to you?

Would your life change if you…

Could stay focused on completing priority tasks and projects?

Discovered ways to handle your worries and fears?

Increased your self confidence and felt empowered to achieve your goals?

Managed your stress and anxiety?

Would you like to be able to…

Manage your calendar in a way that is more productive and promotes follow-through?

Stay focused on business even when facing challenging personal circumstances?

Stick to your health and wellness plans?

Inner Fire helps you manage your negative inner chatter so you can:

  • found-clarity-balance-life-inner-fireManage feelings of stress and being overwhelmed
  • Overcome procrastination and distraction
  • Move beyond painful life experiences
  • Discover a more fulfilling work/life balance
  • Cultivate desired nutrition and exercise habits
  • Develop new habits that bring more satisfying results

Inner Fire Services include:

  1. Individual Coaching
  2. Seminars, Retreats & Keynotes
  3. Weekly publication of “Inner Chatter Matters”

Learn More about Inner Fire’s services

All individual coaching is provided by Life Coach and Inner Fire owner Lisa Purk. Learn more about Lisa

In addition to coaching, Lisa is a well-received and popular presenter at seminars and retreats, both locally and across the country. Drawing on her own entrepreneurial and life experiences, Lisa is highly regarded for her fresh perspective, actionable strategies and refreshingly straight-forward approach to overcoming some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Lisa is also author of the popular weekly newsletter “Inner Chatter Matters” (formerly known as “Your Friday Message”).  In this Friday publication, Lisa addresses common life challenges and offers real life application strategies for handling them with confidence, clarity and balance. Check out Lisa’s newsletters, and register to receive your copy  each Friday morning.

Contact Lisa today to schedule your consultation or event.