About Lisa

Lisa_Purk_Headshot_smallTHE FUELING OF INNER FIRE

Lisa began Inner Fire as an inspirational weekly newsletter in 2009. As a long-time collector of snippets of wisdom from philosophers, writers and other notables, Lisa wanted to share these quotes and inspirational stories in a way that was meaningful to the daily lives of her readers. She believed these snippets could help others as much as they had helped her, if the reader learned how to apply the information to their own individual lives. Lisa received lots of positive feedback, including that she “gets what’s going on” with her readers and that they can easily relate to and readily apply the information she shares to their everyday lives.  It was then a natural transition to speaking for groups and coaching women individually.


With a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Lisa found great reward in her 15 years working with children and their families as they faced obstacles resulting from speech and communication challenges. Also having a degree in Business Administration, Lisa applies her knowledge and experience from both disciplines to her passion as a coach. Lisa also says, “I have a PhD in life” having taken her own journey to quell her inner chatter that was fighting to rule her.  She continues to educate herself through reading, seminars and engaging the services of empowering coaches.  As a business owner, she is an active member of a number of networking and business building organizations and has held several leadership positions.


When Lisa learned to embrace her own power to make choices, she realized she could apply her experiences and knowledge to help others. Lisa speaks from where you’re living and moves you to the next level – this makes her effective as a coach. Driven by her desire to guide others in reaching their fullest potential, Lisa is a dedicated and compassionate coach who specializes in working with women to help them discover or reclaim a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Lisa works with women from many parts of the U.S. and presents nationally at seminars, retreats and conferences.  She continues to write a weekly newsletter and blogs about the lessons gleaned from everyday life experiences.  She is currently working on her first book.


Lisa lives in Western PA with her husband Rick. In her leisure time, she enjoys trying new recipes, playing the piano, watching hockey (…..the Pittsburgh Penguins of course) and reading.  She renews her own spirit by spending time in nature and is unsure which she enjoys the most – the mountains or the beach.  Most of all, she enjoys time with her husband hunting yard sales, riding bikes and traveling. She enthusiastically embraces time with friends and family……. And well, mocha frappuccinos.