Testimonials for Lisa – Individual Coaching Clients

“Our Christmas was wonderful and for the first time I felt balanced, relaxed and in control of family and business. Thank you for all your help in accomplishing that this year!”
“….my business has increased 108% this year.  CRAZY!!!!! I give you all the credit for teaching me how to clear the chatter and create the life I want.”
“I have become more aware of myself and my thoughts about my business. You have taught me how to recognize when my chatter is interfering with my goals. I don’t always know what my chatter is saying BUT I do know when its “speaking” because of changes in behavior and attitude. When I’m aware of that change in attitude, I can implement very simple strategies to regain control and move toward what I want most. That is probably the greatest lesson I learned from you…the ability to recognize when my inner chatter was holding me back.”
“I knew I wanted help and based on prior experiences, I also knew a psychologist wasn’t going to provide what I was looking for. Insert Lisa. Her personalized style of helping me identify my negative inner chatter was amazing. The simple yet very effective tools she provided dramatically improved my relationships with my friends, my family and most importantly with myself. With her assistance and much needed support, I’ve crossed a rocky but invaluable bridge to becoming a better me. The person I am meant to be.”
” You have a very unique way of recognizing what my inner chatter is saying and giving me a single one step strategy that helped me to regain control and make a different choice. That single moment is crucial to making a change AND you have a very unique skill in helping women to recognize what it looks like.”

Testimonials for Lisa – Seminars, Retreats and Other Presentations

“Lisa Purk is one of the most energizing, motivating—yet realistic—speakers and coaches I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. If you’re anything like me, you sometimes let the “what ifs…”, “but what about…” and lack of motivation get in your way of pursuing your goals or simply just getting stuff done. Lisa can show you how to get past that “inner chatter,” stop making excuses, set realistic expectations and get yourself out of the rut and moving forward.”
“Outstanding! Several new strategies that I will be using immediately!”
“This was a fabulous event. Very motivating and lots of great info that work with every day life as well as business.”
“I really liked your emphasis on ‘the how’ … how to apply ideas into everyday life situations”
“The content was easy for me to relate to and practical for me to put into action right away”
“I liked the down-to-earth way you talk”
“I came to gain some insight for my clients….I gained insight for myself as well”