Yes, there have been many seasonal firsts happening recently. There has been the first snow which caused me to ask, “What happened to starting with a few flurries” followed quickly by, “Oh, why didn’t we put the furniture away and winterize the pond just one week sooner!?!?”

There was also the first Black Friday ad and the first “don’t wait until Black Friday” ad; there was an evening of favorite TV shows filled with holiday commercials. There was the first in-store Christmas music and two XM Radio channels dedicated exclusively to holiday music.   I even saw my first outdoor Christmas decoration on someone’s porch. Yes, it’s definitely the season.

I offer these simply as observations. No more or less; just things I’ve noted. But none of these are “the one” that alerted the ears of the Life Coach that is ever present in me.

Earlier this week, I found myself with time between a morning networking event and later meetings with clients. As is my pattern, I went to the closest Panera Bread. Their draw of warm soup and coffee on a cold day plus a comfortable place to get some work done was irresistible.   It usually is.

As I sat deep in concentration, there was a buzz of conversation around me and for the most part, my mind didn’t decipher one from another. Until I heard, “…and as soon as I get through these holidays, I’m going to …..” There it was – the first New Year’s Resolution; the start of the annual tradition of rationalized procrastination. This comes every year as sure as the snow, the ads, the music and the decorations.

There are many variations on this New Years Resolution theme. In this particular case, it was around getting organized and being more productive on a daily basis. I noted with great interest (remember … Life Coach!!) that this person never, (as in, not one single time) commented on what she was going to do today. It was all very general and non-specific comments about January; after the holidays; and in the new year.

I love Christmas and find the upcoming holiday season quite magical. But there is nothing magical that is going to happen on January 2 that everyone is suddenly going to be able to change the habits they’ve had for years and have done nothing but make them even stronger through November and December.

This leads me to two questions for you to consider:

“What is something that you want to accomplish for your life?”

“Is it time to stop talking about it and get on to the action of doing it?”

Real results will only come through the actions you take to get there.

If you truly desire new results in your life, make a commitment to begin today; not tomorrow; not after the holidays; not in the New Year.

January 2nd isn’t magical.  But today can be – it just takes one step.

What is the one step you can take today?

Maybe I’ll see you in Panera. I’ll be the one with the soup, coffee and laptop. I’ll seem to be concentrating. You just never know exactly what it is I’m concentrating on.  Your success story, perhaps?