I listened to a young woman describe her journey of recovering from a traumatic childhood event.  In the end, she summed it up by saying, “I knew when I stopped wanting to tell people the story, when I stopped wanting it to be the first thing they knew about me, stopped wanting them to know about it at all, that I had stopped letting it define who I was.  I had finally let it go and in doing so was able to begin to see myself and my future in a new light.”

In our lives, we have all …

* Been hurt by others
* Made mistakes … even BIG mistakes
* Had significant set-backs
* Faced disappointments, challenges and adversities
* Had unfair things happen to us

Our past is our past and there is no changing it.  But we do have a choice in what we do with our experiences.  The choice we have is in our attitudes, our reactions, and in where we choose to focus our mental and emotional energy.

In order to embrace your most satisfying and fulfilling future, you must make a choice in how you view any of your past experiences.

* Will you let yourself by defined by it … or let yourself be cultivated into a better person by it?
* Will you let it bury you in self-destruction … or let it plant a seed for growth?
* Will you see it as an obstacle … or as an opportunity?
* Will you see yourself as a vicTIM … or as a vicTOR?

You can see your experiences as a brick wall that stops you … or you can find a “ladder” to climb over it.
The choice is yours.
The journey I’m talking about is a process; and it may take time.  You may need to take time for an introspective look at what has happened and how it has affected you.
But I encourage you to see this as a time of transition not a permanent place to live; to travel through this time but don’t take up residence there.
Continue the journey until you are able to stop letting the experience define who you are; until you can see yourself and your future in a new light and from a new perspective.

Let your past guide you not define you.

Fueling Your Inner Fire with ACTION:

You can begin today to take steps toward your future by defining how you want to see yourself.  Have a vision of where you’re going.
Make a list of words that describe the person you want to be.  Use words like:

Confident; secure; active; healthy; open; good listener; fulfilled; satisfied; patient; effective communicator; etc.

Write the words that are most important to you.

Every day look at the page you created and say for each word, “I am …”

Continue your journey.  It is worth the trip.
Believing in where you’re going is your next step along the way.