Fortunately for serious minds, a bias recognized is a bias sterilized.  ~ Benjamin Haydon

The Pittsburgh Penguins recently won the 2017 Stanley Cup.   If you, like me, are a hockey fan and are from Pittsburgh, this is exciting stuff and I mean really, really exciting stuff!!   The Pens won the cup and watching it happen was worth every late night followed by groggy days.

But if you, like a good friend of mine, are from Nashville this outcome wasn’t nearly as exciting or happy.  In fact, you are sad and disappointed.  All of that build-up of excitement came crashing down with a loss in game six of the final series.

Regardless of which side you were on in this series, one thing is for sure.  It was exciting and it was well played by all.  Yes, in Pittsburgh we are exceedingly happy with the outcome.  But truly, kudos to all…. kudos to all.

Throughout the playoffs and especially during the final series, I read articles and watched commentaries about the players and the teams.  And as factual as saying the playoffs were exciting and well played, another thing is true.


No matter who I read or listened to, there was bias toward one team or the other.  Even the views of reporters hired to be neutral in their thoughts and reporting clearly swayed toward one team or the other.   I didn’t find any truly neutral reporting or commentary.  Some swayed more than others but all had evidence of bias.

It’s not only sports reporters and columnists who show bias.  It abounds in our world.

It also exists in each of us.  It is evident in every day of our lives.  That includes my life – and yours.

My point today is this …..

You are bias in your thoughts about yourself, your skills and your talents.  You are bias about what makes you valuable as a spouse, an offspring; a parent or a sibling.  You have a bias about who you are and what your value is in the world.

Sometimes you sway to an empowering bias.  Other times?  Well, not so much.  In fact, you may be one who frequently sways to a completely defeating mindset.

Each time you think, “I’m not good at”; “it will never work out;” “it’s not meant for me”; (……etc etc) you are being partial to defeating thoughts and your outcomes will prove it.

When you choose to acknowledge and display your value you have instead become partial to empowering thoughts and behaviors and your outcomes will prove it.

Notice that either way your outcomes will prove it.   Your personal bias is evident in the results you experience.

In the Stanley Cup finals the Penguins won and did so regardless of what any commentator or columnist had to say.

But your life is not the same as a hockey playoff.  You will ONLY discover your win, i.e., your most fulfilling and satisfying life, if you choose thoughts with a bias toward your gifts, your talents and your value.

You’re in control of your personal commentary.  Choose it wisely.