When my husband and I got married, we chose Niagara Falls for our honeymoon. We had other options. But when it came down to making our final choice, there was one thing that stood out to us. We wanted to pick a place that we could easily return to each year for our anniversary; and we have.

Each time we go, we discover more things we want to do while we’re there. We have some favorites now (biking; hiking; Niagara-on-the Lake; ….); and we have some things we haven’t yet tried.  We have also discovered one constant.

Each year as we’re making our plans, we quickly realize we can’t fit in everything we want to do. As we plan our time, we realize that to do one thing we want to do, we are forgoing something else that we also would like to do.

Realizing this, we are excited for the things we’re choosing; but we are also disappointed for the things we are choosing not to do.

This year, as this dilemma became apparent – again – I said, “you know babe, it doesn’t matter what we pick to do it will be good; and it doesn’t matter what we pick not to do, we’ll be disappointed. Let’s just stay focused on all of the good ….. And then come back again next year.”

He and I had to choose our activities. We also had to choose our conversation around them. Would it be focused on all of the good of what we did? Or would it be focused on the disappointment of what we missed?

Just like our choices for our annual trip, there are times in life that your choices are between two equally good and valuable things. It’s not always that one is less valuable or beneficial; it’s not always that there’s one you truly want to avoid. Sometimes you have two things that could both bring great happiness and satisfaction to your life.

You can’t always do both and you have to decide. The worst thing you can do is to procrastinate in making your choice. Then your default decision will be to do neither.

For us, we had a fabulously fun and relaxing trip. We also made a choice to keep our conversation focused on the good.

Unless, of course, we were adding a missed activity to next year’s list.

Now that was fair game.

Sometimes there are two winning choices ~
Losing only comes in choosing neither

Fueling Your Inner Fire with ACTION:

When faced with a decision between two equally good options, acknowledge that ….

Selecting one will mean disappointment in letting go of the other but choosing neither will mean the disappointment of letting go of both.

Keep your thoughts and conversation focused entirely on the one you choose. Pour your time and energy into that one.

Now you might be asking, “But how do I know which one to choose?”

That answer is up to you. Just know that either way you win.

It’s not about what you give up ~ it’s about what you gain by doing so